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Do you want to increase customer satisfaction, increase sales, ease employee expense/turnover and reduce various costs? Arehart Consulting, LLC is a software and hardware consulting company located in Dayton, Ohio. We will find ways to simplify running your business to help you achieve your goals.  Using your goals and our experience, we will find or create the right solution for you.

Key crm services

Key CRM Services is your solution for Customer Relationship Management consulting and hosting. Our consultants will work through every step of the CRM process with you. We will help you improve your marketing, sales and customer service needs today. Key CRM Services - Unlock your potential.
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Industry Website Design

Industry Website Design has a team of web designers and experts that will create a website to provide your business with a professional online presence. We can create a new website from scratch, or use your existing site as a foundation for an improved design. Additionally, we have Search Engine Optimization experts that will make sure your website is not only found and indexed by Google and other search engines but will also put your website high in the search results.
Industry Website Design


Airtame is the perfect all-in-one wireless screen sharing solution. It works across any device, all you need is the Airtame app. All major platforms are supported including Mac, Windows, and Linux. Airtame allows teachers more freedom to move around the room while engaging students. It’s also the best way to hold business conferences and meetings where every team member can have the information right in front of them. Patrick Arehart and Arehart Consulting, LLC is a dealer for this revolutionary tool. Contact us today at 9370439-0444 or use the form below to begin the process of upgrading your work environment.
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Let’s discuss your barcode software needs and match a mobile computer with a scanner and printer. We’ll help you figure out exactly what you need and then match hardware and custom software to produce your solution. We’ll figure out how to get the database in the mobile computer setup and how to extract the data from your systems. We offer an all-in-one solution in addition to a separate scanner and printer solution.
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We recognize the issues involved in having lots of data and having that data in multiple locations. With our unique service, this problem will cease to exist. It really is that easy. Our process will help you to organize your existing data. Not only can we provide you with a valuable service, but we will also help you to save both time and money! When we’ve completed the task, you’ll have all of your data in one location, easily accessible from anywhere in the world.
Data Melding Services (DMELD)
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Patrick likes to give back to the community. He created the Navigator app for the Avenue of Flags program for the Centerville Noon Optimists (CNO). This patriotic community service program is a fundraiser to help the club support youth programs and youth scholarships in the community. You can purchase a yearly subscription and have a flag displayed in your yard on national holidays by clicking here. Patrick is a proud member of CNO and serves on multiple committees including technology, finance and the weekly meeting newsletter.

Navigator App for Volunteers


Patrick donates his time and expertise helping the community. He has designed and hosted websites for non-profits, and continues to volunteer his time providing tech training and services.
Centerville Noon OptimistsCenterville Washington FoundationBellbrook Sugarcreek Optimists
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